Hello. My name is Mike and I seem to be addicted to learning new things. I work out of Vancouver, BC as a freelance “Jack of all trades” for literary, cultural, and business publications. Also, given my broad range of skills, I’ve been inspired to start a few ventures. Currently,

  • I run all things marketing & promotions at Caitlin Press, home of Dagger Editions
  • I am completing my thesis final project report for my Master of Publishing degree at SFU.
  • My undergraduate degree is in World Literature, Publishing, and Interactive Arts & Tech.
  • I regularly volunteer for goodwill organizations and independent media (ex. Media Democracy Days)
  • I was a sessional instructor in SFU’s Publishing Department.
  • I co-founded a magazine called Textbook, now folded.
  • Finally, I really, really like Excel.

In the past, I’ve been an advertising sales rep, mushroom pickercommunity event producer, penguin intern, watch seller, piano teacher, wooden bow tie seller, and then some.
Photo by Kezia Nathe