Teaching & Mentorship (2008 – 2018)

During my teenage years, I fell into teaching piano, musical theory, and music history to children at O Music Studios. Half-way through my undergraduate studies, I was hired to mentor first-year students in a cohort program based in SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. This would go on for four semesters between two cohorts (total 50+ students). After returning from my internship at Penguin Random House, I was a Teaching Assistant to SFU’s Publishing 101 for two semesters (total 100+ students). During one of those semesters, I was a Tutor-Marker for SFU’s Publishing 355W. Currently, I have been promoted to a Sessional Instructor position with which I will co-instruct Publishing 101 for the Spring 2016 semester at SFU. Additionally, I have been hired to host workshops/one-on-one training on digital literacy (ex. Check Your Head).