Hire Me

I am available for contract work, through my company Apples & Oranges Analytics and Marketing or otherwise individually. Hire me for:

  • writing, editing, designing, and other publishing-related tasks pertaining to magazines, books and online media
  • online advertising for Google’s Display & Search Network, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • digital analysis and strategy related to web, social, and e-commerce assets
  • event production for members of Vancouver’s arts and culture communities
  • private education or consulting related to online/digital literacy

I’m specifically interested in working alongside:

  • literary publishing houses, periodicals, and self-publishers
  • arts and culture based organizations
  • non-profit, charity, social enterprise, religious or other goodwill organizations

Do you work for a charitable or non-profit organization? You should consider using the $10,000/month of subsidized search engine advertising through Google’s grant program. Email me for some friendly advice at mike@despotovic.ca