This is Vancity (2010 – 2013)

This is Vancity was an online publication about creative happenings in Vancouver. I co-founded this venture with two of my closest friends, Ketan Jogia and Peter Bohdal. We took pride in digging past press releases and reaching into the most interesting and human elements behind new ideas and artistic accomplishments. Since March of 2014, we’ve archived This is Vancity and pivoted in a new direction. Check out Textbook for more information.

Between its genesis and exodus, we published around fifty articles, typically reaching around 500 words each. We partnered with and Hey Available! for open job listings in Vancouver. We produced five out of nine #EastVanLove events, two #BehanceReviews events, and sponsored various other outings. Our pageviews and social following was modest. We hosted no advertisements. All our social media accounts have been converted to Textbook.