Caitlin Press & Dagger Editions (2016 – 2018)

Caitlin Press was established in 1977 by Carolyn Zonailo as a feminist literary press. In the 1980s, Caitlin Press expanded its mandate to that of a BC literary press. In March 2008, Vici Johnstone of Halfmoon Bay purchased the press. Under her direction, Caitlin Press continues to publish books that reflect the diverse cultures, histories and concerns of BC, bridging the gap between the urban and the rural. Caitlin also remains committed to its feminist origins by publishing bold works by and about BC women for a local and national readership. In 2016, Caitlin Press launched Dagger Editions, dedicated solely to publishing literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry by and about queer women (those who identify as queer women, including trans women, or include this in their personal history).

For three years I ran all things related to marketing including publicity, event creation/management, copywriting, website development, author relations. It was an absolute pleasure to work as part of a small team to achieve such big goals and I will cherish every memory made with the 60+ authors, editors, poets, etc.